We invest primarily in development project. We seek to invest in profitable businesses with sales between  EUR 0,5-5 miljon and with strong and consistent revenue growth potential of at least 10% per annum. We seek scalable business models led by proven, serial entrepreneurs that are coachable and excited to be on a fast-growth journey with us.

Microcredit gives poor women around the world the opportunity to change their lives. Access to smaller loans allows women to own land and own homes. The loans can also be used to run a small business, which increases women’s financial independence. Smaller loans, so-called micro-loans, are often the only way for poor people to access capital if they do not want to borrow from usury at sky-high interest rates. Commercial banks often consider that the poor are not creditworthy and think that the cost of administering many small loans is too high. Thirty years of micro-credit experience around the world shows that poor and low-skilled people are reliable borrowers who invest wisely and pay back in time. Experience also shows that women primarily focus on the needs of the family to a greater extent than men. Together with North Star Swiss and State Of Cards have developed a system for micro loans for Africa to help women to start small businesses


Is a new innovative way to build homes and buildings by introducing an already existing material. EPS (Expanded polystyrene SE 100) as a full-fledged building material for only the exterior walls of the building, which can significantly replace the current use of bricks, stones, cement, steel, concrete and wood. The intrinsic properties of this innovation allow homes to be built faster, simpler, better and cheaper. It fits into all existing building frames (wood, concrete, steel). We also build internationally.


Nordic Capital Group’s business idea is to conduct gold exploration, near surface gold production and trading of minerals and gemstones in Africa, and thereby create value for shareholders. The Company primarily focus is on gold and projects where extraction and positive cash flows can be achieved within 12 months. In the long term strategy the Company also intends to conduct exploration activities on the two large scale licenses

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